What is an Intake Manifold Gasket?

Gaskets connect the myriad parts of your car. In most cases, those parts are sealed by gaskets before the final assembly process. The intake manifold is a series of tubes that provide air to your combustion chamber. Those tubes are metal and must be sealed in some way to the metal of your cylinder head. That seal is the intake manifold gasket.

While you can say that your intake manifold provides the air for combustion, the true ally for complete combustion is the intake manifold gasket that seals the combustion chamber to provide an accurate amount of air for reliable ignition spark. If the intake manifold seal is compromised, then extra air enters the combustion chamber, requiring more fuel to provide the spark. Intake manifold leaks will affect your fuel mileage in that way.

To check for intake manifold leaks, come to the car repair center at Fox Charlevoix Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

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