Keep Your Transfer Case Gears Lubricated

If you drive a 4WD/AWD vehicle, the transfer case is a key component for distributing power between your axles. It’s important to regularly have the fluid in your transfer case replaced to ensure that your axles get the power they need. The Fox Charlevoix Chrysler Dodge Jeep service center can help.

The transfer case is a gear box that distributes power across your axles and wheels. In 4WD, the transfer case spreads the power between the front and rear axles. In AWD, it distributes power to the wheels getting the most traction. The gears in the transfer case are lubricated by fluid. Over time, the fluid breaks down and needs replacement. You may notice your car having trouble getting into 4WD/AWD mode if your fluid needs to be replaced.

The vehicle manufacturer provides a schedule for transfer case fluid replacement. Contact our auto service pros in Charlevoix, MI to schedule an appointment to have your transfer case fluid drained and replaced.

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