Consider Engine Cooling and Radiator Service

When you invest in a new or used car, you take on the responsibility of caring for your vehicle for the duration that you have it. There are some simple maintenance tasks that need to be performed periodically, such as changing the oil or changing out the cabin or engine air filter. There are more complex items that need some attention as well, such as having your engine cooling system and radiator maintained and serviced.

Your cooling system, along with your radiator, is designed to keep your engine temperature at a normal level. If the temperature inside of your engine were to get too high, this would result in your vehicle overheating. If things are too cold, your vehicle isn't going to run safely or efficiently.

You may notice your vehicle is overheating or you may just want to be sure you don't need any maintenance done. Either way, bring your vehicle to Fox Charlevoix Chrysler Dodge Jeep today!

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